We are a Community Pharmacy who specialises in taking care of your health as our foremost concern. At Blooms The Chemist Albion Park we want to provide you MORE than you expect in terms of looking after your health. The services we provide to help in this goal include:

    • Scripts Ready (FREE service)– We will make up your regular medications up when they are due and let you know they are ready. All you need to do is collect them.  This can save you waiting when you get here.
    • Webster Medication packs (FREE service)– Have your medications packed into a convenient weekly pack.  Makes it easier to take ALL your medications at the right time. more info…
    • Medscheck (FREE service)– one of our pharmacists will go through all your medications with you and ensure everything is ok to take with each other and make sure you understand what they are all for.
    • Home medication reviews (FREE service – Doctors referral required)
    • Home Delivery (FREE service)– We have purchased a dedicated delivery car and are more than happy to deliver your purchases home if you can’t get out. Conditions apply but feel free to call one of our friendly staff to find out more.  more info…
    • Leave certificates – It’s not always convenient to get to a GP to get a leave certificate, we can provide a legal leave certificate in certain circumstances to save this hassle ($30 charge).  more info…
    • Blood pressure checks (FREE service)  more info…
    • Blood glucose testing (FREE service)
    • Cholesterol Screening ($5 charge)


  • Diabetes Australia agency

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