Are you using MedAdvisor?

Picture4At Blooms The Chemist, Albion Park we have access to an app called “MedAdvisor”. It is available to use on Apple, GooglePlay and as an internet program.

Many of our customers have been using the app to manage their medications and order their prescriptions.

This program makes managing your medication much, much easier. It is like having direct access to your file in our computer and being able to ask for your medicines to be dispensed from home without the need to wait at the counter.

Getting started:

Step 1.  Leave your scripts at the pharmacy for us to file & give the us your mobile # and/or email address so that we can enrol you in the program.

Step 2.  Download the “MedAdvisor” app on your smart phone or go online on your computer.

Step 3.  Follow the steps to accept your enrolment from the message or email that you receive.

Step 4.  Wait 24 hours for your medication history to be downloaded from our computer to your device/profile.

 What does it do once you’ve signed up?

  1. See on your phone/computer how many repeats of each of your medicines you have left.
  2. Order your medicines from the pharmacy and let us know when you will collect them.
  3. Order medicines you have new prescriptions for (you just take a photo of the new Rx and bring it with you when you come to collect your scripts).
  4. Track how many days of each medication you have left.
  5. See information about all your medicines.
  6. Set yourself reminders to take your medications each day.

We are here to help. Our staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have or to help you set up your profile after you’ve joined up. The program is very easy to use and I’m sure you will find it beneficial after giving it a go.

Want more info:  Here is the MedAdvisor website


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