#1 way to improve the effect of your medication.

hand-finger-one123rfIt seems like a no brainer!  For your medication to work you need to take it.

Not only that but you need to take it at the time and frequency that it has been prescribed.

So now you know, theres no problem right?

You’d be surprised.  I know that even I have problems remembering to take medication and if anyone should get it right, surely a pharmacist should!

A person who takes their medicine as prescribed 80% of the time is actually ABOVE average!

Blooms The Chemist like to ensure we make our patients lives easier.

939f1-websterpakA webster pack allows you to have your medications set out in order of when you take them.  It has several compartments for each day so you can have your medications available for each dosing time.  For example on Tuesday at breakfast time you take the Tuesday breakfast tablets.  They are all together.  No messing around with boxes of medicine or reading labels.

One weeks medication will generally fit into each pack.  This can be collected from our pharmacy or delivered to your house either weekly or fortnightly.

Why am I so sure this will help?

Gregs Webster Pack

I know that a Webster pack will help our customers, because I have all my medicines and vitamins packed into on myself and have done for several years.  I take my medications much more regularly now, than when I was just trying to remember myself and pop my pills from a variety of different packs.


Sounds good but how does it work?

Ask your Doctor for a medication chart (a list of all your medicine and when you should be taking it) and bring it into the pharmacy.

  • Bring the medication chart, along with ALL your medications and prescriptions into the pharmacy.
  • Our staff will then create a profile of your medications in our computer and pack your 1st Webster Pack.
  • When a medication runs out we will then dispense another supply of that medication.
  • When your prescription runs out we will contact the Doctor to request another.

The main advantages of our Webster Pack system:

  • It avoids confusion when taking multiple medications several times a day.
  • It means that we chase your scripts for you, allowing you time to discuss your health with the Doctor rather than paper work.
  • Your medication profile is looked at by a pharmacist whenever there is a change to ensure your medications are appropriate to be used together and for your health problems.

How much does it cost?

Did I mention that this is a FREE service that we provide?  Many pharmacies will charge over $5 a week, but we see this as a
service to our customers.  You pay for your medication in the same way you normally would, but there are no extra charges for packing it into the Webster Pack.

Whenever we have to dispense new medication to pack into your pack, this is charged to your account, we ask that you pay your account either weekly or monthly.

We can also deliver the packs FREE to you if you live local.

If you have any questions or wish to start a Webster pack for yourself or a loved one please feel free speak with our staff.


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