Spring has sprung!

spring-1Spring has sprung!   Hopefully that will mean the end for some of the terrible colds and flu we have seen going around Albion Park this winter.

Unfortunately the warmer weather has its own problems! Hay fever is a big one affecting many people in this area.

Suggestions to prevent or limit symptoms of hay fever include (from the better health website):

  • Check the pollen count forecast on television or in the newspaper. Try to stay indoors if it’s a high count.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible in spring, on windy days or after thunderstorms.
  • In your garden, choose plants that are pollinated by birds or insects, rather than plants that release their seeds into the air.
  • Replace your lawn with types of artificial grass, bricked or paved areas.
  • Splash your eyes often with cold water to flush out any pollen.

All this sounds a bit drastic though! The best thing to keep on top of hay fever is to start treating it before it takes hold. Especially if you know you are prone to hay fever.

There is no problem with using an anti-histamine or steroid nasal spray every day during spring to try and avoid hay fever symptoms it that is something that usually troubles you.

Come and talk about the different options with one of our pharmacists if hay fever si something that you struggle with each spring.

  • Greg – PharmacistWarilla - Greg Cadorin[1]
  • Blooms The Chemist, Albion Park
  • 4256 4610  albionpark@blooms.net.au
  • OPEN 8am to 9pm Everyday

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