Coming down with something?

Over the years I have been regularly asked for a product that someone can take when they feel like they are starting to get sick and want to “nip it in the butt”.

I now have a favourite product just for this purpose.

immune defenceIt’s my favourite because I have used it myself TWICE this year with great effect.

Immune Defence by Ethical Nutrients contains ingredients that have been shown to reduce the severity and duration of a cold when taken twice daily.  It’s safe for children over 2 and can also be taken throughout winter to keep your immune system working well during that peak season for colds & flu.

Personally I loved the fact that I managed to avoid coming down with sickness that my kids had brought home sickness from school.  By taking my Immune Defence as soon as I felt the lethargy and scratchy throat, I only had a very mild cold when others were coming down with it much worse.

So the next time you feel like you are on the precipice of sickness, come in and ask one of our pharmacists what would be appropriate for you to help minimise your illness.

  • Blooms The Chemist, Albion Park
  • 1/167 Tongarra Road, Albion Park NSW 2528
  • Extended hours pharmacy.
  • Open 8am to 9pm EVERYDAY!

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