Leave Certificates

b7efd-cold-flu-400Sometimes you are too sick to go to work (or shouldn’t go to avoid spreading your disease) but don’t actually need to go to the doctor.

Blooms pharmacists are able to issue leave certificates for the purposes of sick leave or carers leave in certain circumstances.

Essentially under the law ANY registered healthcare professional is able to issue a leave certificate for conditions that fit within their scope of expertise.  e.g. A dentist could give you a leave certificate for a dental problem.

An example of where this would be appropriate is someone who may be suffering from a bad cold.  Obviously they should stay home and recuperate and not spread the cold to their co-workers or contacts, but the only thing the doctor will usually do is issue the certificate and tell you to take symptomatic relief (as most common colds do not require antibiotics).

Another situation where you may need a certificate issued by a pharmacist may be where you have a health problem or sickness which prevents you from work but you can’t go to the doctor the same day or the issue may resolve in a day or two without the requirement for a Doctors treatment.

So whats involved:

  1. You need to present in the pharmacy and have a consultation with the pharmacist.  If you require a Carers Leave certificate you obviously need to bring the person who requires care with you.
  2. The pharmacist will assess if there is a need to provide a certificate.  A decision whether to issue a certificate will not be made lightly, we have a legal obligation to make an objective evaluation.
  3. The pharmacist will also consider if your condition requires referral to the Doctor or some other health professional.  They may issue a certificate and a referral or just give you an urgent referral meaning you should follow that up straight away.
  4. Where the pharmacist issues a leave certificate there is a $30 fee payable.

Frequently (& sometimes) asked questions.

sick lady

  1. Why would I pay $30 when I can go to the Doctor for free?  It’s certainly a choice you need to make for yourself.  Remember:  the  doctor is not “free” the government pays the Doctors fee, so in reality the pharmacist is charging LESS than the Doctor.  Reasons people may choose to get a medical certificate from the pharmacy include; convenience and no need for an appointment, their wish to get back home to bed as soon as possible or the desire to not sit in a waiting room full of sick people.
  2. Does my boss have to accept a pharmacists leave certificate?  The fair work act 2009 states that a leave certificate can be written by any registered healthcare professional.  So yes, employers are obliged to accept them.  Other bodies such as schools (where not an employer) or sports bodies who may require a Doctors certificate for different reasons will make their own rules on who can and who cannot issue the certificates.

If you need us for a leave certificate, or anything else we’re open:

  • 8am-9pm everyday except Christmas
  • 1/167 Tongarra Road,
  • Albion Park NSW 2527
  • Phone: 02 4256 4610

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